Jacqueline Herranz Brooks

Queer author, educator, and interdisciplinary artist from Havana based in New York. Her work is project-based and it takes various forms including documentary photography, soundscape interpretation, multimedia installation, and urban interventions. Jacqueline, who is interested in the process of fictionalization of real personal events, is the author of several books of autofiction among them Liquid Days (Argentina, 1997), Escenas para Turistas (New York, 2003), Mujeres sin Trama (New York, 2011) y Viaje en Almendrón (Installation book for Miller Gallery, 2015). She has a Ph.D. in Latin American, Iberian, and Latino Cultures and her research focus lies at the intersection of literary theory (autofiction) and criticism (poststructuralism, feminism), Persona Studies, and Performance Studies.