Mouse and Brush: BCC Faculty ART Show

Opens Wednesday, December 6, 2023 (through January 26, 2024)

Gallery Bergen presents “Mouse and Brush: the BCC Faculty Art Show” featuring the digital, handmade, and performance artwork of Bergen Community College Visual Arts faculty.

This year’s exhibition highlights examples of new works in experimental filmmaking, sound art, performance art, as well as traditional media including painting and photography.

An opening reception is planned for Wednesday, December 6 at 6:00 p.m. featuring a special performance of “Renditions for Violin & Electronics,” a film and sound art collaboration between BCC Cinema Studies professor Gregg Biermann and violinist/filmmaker Monteith McCollum.Biermann filmed McCollum playing the violin from various angles, many of them close-ups of his hands, the strings and the bow. These images have been broken into small video samples that can be launched from a MIDI device, allowing them to be triggered and played.During the performance, the two will stand about 20 feet apart: Biermann manipulating the prerecorded samples and McCollum playing his violin, responding to the sound samples. Meanwhile, prerecorded images connected with the sound samples will play on the back wall, as will images captured in real-time from a tiny camera mounted on McCollum’s instrument.