Entry panel for The Cup Flows over exhibition


Gallery Bergen announces twin art exhibitions in the US and Germany celebrating contemporary artists in Iran and the diaspora.

  • Parastou Forouhar
  • Sholeh Asgary 
  • Labkhand Olfatmanesh
  • Shaghayegh Cyrous
  • Katyoun Bahrami
  • Narges Poursadeqi
  • Fanny Pokrandt
  • Lima Vafadar
  • Ali Sayah 
  • Mansooreh Baghgaraee
  • Raven
  • Gazelle Samizay
  • Anonymous 

Curated by Tim Blunk, Director, Gallery Bergen, and Anonymous, Berlin

Gallery Bergen: September 21 – November 21, 2023

In Munich, Germany:

Glockenbachwerkstatt Community Center with events at the Bellevue di Monaco Cultural Center in Munich, Germany: 

October 24 – December, 2023

Gallery Bergen announces the opening of a collaborative exhibition of contemporary Iranian artist to take place this fall in two locations – its own gallery on the campus of Bergen Community College in Paramus, NJ and the Bürgerhaus Glockenbachwerkstatt (Glockenbach Townhouse Workshop) located in Munich, Germany. The Cup Flows Over: Art from the Soul of Iran features work by prominent artists such as Berlin-based Parastou Forouhar, younger Iranian artists living and working in California and Berlin, as well as artists living in Iran. The choice of two separate venues divided between Europe and the US speaks directly to the reality of the Iranian diaspora. 

This exhibition seeks to move beyond the headlines to explore the ongoing and historic struggles of immigration and the diasporal experience, of merging with and simultaneously changing the culture of newly adopted countries. The artists make use of a variety of media including film, video, photography, fabric work and installation while invoking ancient Persian texts to describe their new realities.

The title comes from an ancient Persian ghazal by the renowned lyric poet Hafez (c. 1365): 


“Last night I took my troubles to

                The Magian sage whose keen eyes see

A hundred answers in the wine

                Whose cup he, laughing, showed to me.

I questioned him, “When was this cup

                That shows the world’s reality

Handed to you?” He said, “The day

                Heaven’s vault of lapis lazuli

Was raised, and marvelous things took place

                By Intellect’s divine decree,

And Moses’ miracles were made

                And Sameri’s apostasy.”


He added then, “That friend they hanged  

                High on the looming gallows tree—

His sin was that he spoke of things

                Which should be pondered secretly,

The page of truth his heart enclosed

                Was annotated publicly.”




In the art of Iran, reality’s cup overflows.

The curators are organizing several livestreamed events that will connect the two spaces with live music, poetry and discussion. Opening receptions and events are planned for September 21 at Gallery Bergen (US) and for the Bürgerhaus Glockenbachwerkstatt on October 24. 

The Bürgerhaus Glockenbachwerkstatt (Glockenbach Townhouse Workshop) is located in the cultural and artistic heart of Munich. The “Glocke” is a popular community center with childcare, workplaces, art studios, and a neighborhood café. It is around the corner from the Bellevue di Monaco, a residential and cultural center for refugees. The Bellevue

offers diverse culture programming ranging from panel discussions on topics of migration and diversity to films from and about the home countries of their guests, to theater plays and concerts presenting artists from all over the world.