Photography by Teaneck photographer Danielle Richards

Curated by Tim Blunk and Rev. Dr. Michelle White

Teaneck Pride and the Puffin Cultural Forum announce the opening of a new photography exhibition presenting portraits of Bergen County LBGTQ+ families and individuals. Organized by TeaneckPride’s Rev. Dr. Michelle White, this stunning display of black and white portraiture seeks to render visible the otherwise invisible and underrepresented part of our community. Twenty black and white photographs by award-winning photographer Danielle Richards with accompanying text present families from all of the diverse communities that make up our region.

The subjects of this exhibition are our neighbors, our friends, our community. They include rabbis and Christian clergy, teachers and professors, single parents, partners and their children, young people and seniors.

According to Rev. White, “The LGBTQ+ community must confront fear and anonymity here in Bergen County.  TeaneckPride intends to create a new narrative and to offer visible and substantial support to our community.

We are grateful for flag raisings but we plan to do so much more,” says White. “The LGBTQ+ community in Bergen County, our friends and our advocates are taking action.  This is who we areWe are grateful to the Puffin Foundation who continue to make a commitment to the work.  We invite you to join the effort.”

Gallery Bergen director Tim Blunk curated the exhibition for the Puffin Cultural Forum where it showed last June and July. “When photography was first introduced in the 1850s,” says Blunk, “Frederick Douglass was one of its strongest proponents, recognizing its power in arguing incontrovertibly for the humanity of Black people. There is an equivalence in returning to this medium to make a similar statement on behalf of the LGBTQ+ community. To this purpose, we consciously chose the black and white format for these images. They ask you to look more closely and see past the surface. This show is a poignant backdrop for the Bergen Stages production of The Laramie Project.”

Photographer Danielle Richards has been one of New Jersey’s top photojournalists for over twenty-five years. Much of this time was spent as a senior photographer for The Record where she covered assignments ranging from the Super Bowl to both Papal visits; from portraits of Fortune 100 CEOs to long-range enterprise projects on juvenile justice, autism, the environment, and documenting local communities. Ms. Richards founded her own stock photography image company, Jersey Girl Stock Images. She is sought after all over the New York metropolitan area as an events and wedding photographer based on her journalistic approach and her commitment to working with our area’s diverse communities.

Jeremy Lentz, Shafiq and Family
Jeremy Lentz with Shafiq Akhtar holding Shafiq’s children Kara and Rafiq
Photograph by Danielle Richards